I was an io9 intern a few years ago. I was paid a very modest stipend for a few months, but then Gawker ended paying its interns, so I ended my internship. Too bad; it was a fun gig. » 1/08/13 12:23pm 1/08/13 12:23pm

Aww, it reminds me of Governor's Island when it first opened, before Bloomberg turned it into a well-maintained playground. There were incredible photographs of the abandoned bowling alleys and Burger Kings... » 1/19/11 2:48pm 1/19/11 2:48pm

It's petty, sure, but I have an insurmountable, non-Dalek related problem with this episode. Churchill is all "we got this Nazi problem, can you help us out?" and the Doctor's like "oh, you humans, you're marvelous, it will work out all right." I'm sorry, that argument works for Pompeii and whatever, but theā€¦ » 5/02/10 6:58pm 5/02/10 6:58pm

The only reason I finished this book is because I kept waiting for the damn computer to go ballistic and kill everyone already. Then I got to the last page and it still hadn't happened. Were there pages missing from my copy perhaps? » 5/02/10 6:43pm 5/02/10 6:43pm

Oh I so wish you'd stop writing about the centipede thing, it gives me nightmares just seeing a reminder of its existence in my io9 skim. :( » 4/04/10 7:56pm 4/04/10 7:56pm

Maybe I should read your reviews only after I've had all the conversations about an episode I'm going to have, CJA. Because I agree with everything. Case closed. » 4/04/10 11:15am 4/04/10 11:15am